Beauty & Durability Meet

Kubb Tournament Set is an official tournament size kubb set made from durable, beautiful white birch hardwood created by hand-made craftsmanship with eye for the details. This not only makes the set look amazing but also provides a high quality product for long-lasting fun.

The Fun Game From Scandinavia

Kubb originates from Scandinavia where the game is very popular. Legend has it that the Vikings used to play it with firewoods. Kubb also goes under the names The Viking Game, Viking Chess and Koob. The game is great fun for children and adults alike and can be played by 2 to 12 players. Kubb is ideal for backyard fun, camping, picnics, beach trips and staff parties. The game can be played on grass, sand, concrete or even snow, allowing for all year around entertainment. Kubb is a great way to get the children outside, to have fun with the friends or to have a friendly competition with the colleagues or neighbors.

How to Play Kubb Tournaments

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